The machine harvest yield of Xinjiang wheat reaches 97.48%

2021-02-06 09:47:53 share

The reporter learned from the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: This year, the popularization of harvesting machinery in major grain producing areas such as wheat and corn in Xinjiang has been further increased, and the wheat harvesting rate has reached 97.48%.

Data map

This year, all regions of the region will give full play to the role of machinery in agricultural production, take effective measures around key crops such as wheat and corn, do a good job in field management and harvesting of crops, revise and improve the emergency plan for wheat harvesting, and provide adequate guarantee for summer harvest . A total of 30,400 wheat combine harvesters have been invested in the region, of which 3,500 have participated in cross-regional operations, and 251 cross-regional machine-harvesting reception service stations have been established. Agricultural machinery harvesting and planting are progressing smoothly.

At the same time, the whole district rushed to grasp the agricultural season, focusing on the production of corn and cotton, and started the autumn agricultural machinery production in an orderly manner. The agricultural and rural departments scientifically allocate tasks and machinery, promote the rational flow and efficient operation of machinery, and actively carry out operations such as cross-regional machine sowing of agricultural machinery in autumn, and deep loosening of land, and strive to achieve one acre of maturity, one acre of harvest, and one acre of land. Sow one acre. At present, the machine sowing rate of summer corn in the whole district has reached 98.84%, and the number of corn combine harvesters and silage harvesters has reached 3,973 and 2,305 respectively.

Since the beginning of this year, the whole district has further simplified the verification procedures, encouraged farmers to apply for subsidies off-site through mobile apps and other off-site applications, and provided services such as appointments for verification of subsidized machinery to facilitate farmers' purchase of machines. Up to now, the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in the whole district has been progressing smoothly. The subsidy funds have been implemented at 953 million yuan, and the progress is among the highest in the country. At the same time, the whole district is also actively promoting the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization, including energy-saving, environmentally friendly, precise and efficient harvesting machinery into the scope of key equipment subsidies. This year, the district will newly subsidize the purchase of advanced and applicable harvesting machinery such as grain harvesting machinery, cotton pickers, green fodder harvesters, etc. More than 2,000 units have provided strong equipment support for the smooth development of agricultural mechanization production operations.