New corn will soon be listed, a variety of channels will broaden sales.

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New corn will soon be listed, a variety of channels will broaden sales.

Corn stock collection system reform has been more than a year this year, corn to inventory effect is obvious, better than expected. Since March, domestic corn prices rebounded for five consecutive months. After mid-July, by the temporary storage of corn, the market supply increased the impact of corn prices fell. At present, the northeast of the hands of farmers in the hands of the end of the grain, the southern region of the new season corn will soon be listed, the corn market will be how to change, the farmers have what kind of expectations, This edition brings you the answers to the large grain growers in Jilin Province and the analysis and forecast of industry experts.


Jilin farmers in the hands of surplus grain has been basically sold


Short positions to be new grain income expectation


"Our farmers here this year '51' before and after the sale of corn, the granary of the house now have been vacated, ready to harvest this year's new grain." Fuyu City, Jilin Province, the town of victory in the small town of Huizhong modern agricultural farmers Professional cooperatives director Hou Yucheng said.


According to the reporter learned that in 2016, Fuyu City, grain output of 213 million tons, of which 185 million tons of corn production. The city's cultivated land area of ​​320,000 hectares, of which corn planting area of ​​210,000 hectares. To mid-June, the city's farmers in the hands of the surplus has been the basic clearance. As of mid-July, Jilin Province, the remnants of farmers in the hands of the basic has been sold, empty out of the granary has been ready to buy and receive new grain.


Signed to promote processing in situ conversion to inventory


This year, farmers in Jilin Province in the corn prices in advance to sell grain, mainly due to the introduction of Jilin Province, policies and methods, these policies and methods to minimize the loss of farmers. This year, Jilin Province Grain Bureau to assume the "sales and processing of more than 50 billion kilograms of food processing," the task and objectives.


Jilin Province Grain Bureau combined with the actual situation in Jilin Province, take the initiative to study measures, adhere to the digestion and suppression of incremental synchronization considerations, the government regulation and market regulation simultaneously, in situ transformation and sales simultaneously with the implementation of the province to promote the implementation of the task Provincial food market sales, processing and transformation and "to inventory" 73.72 billion jin good results, ahead of schedule to complete the work objectives.


"Last year, corn prices fell, said the loss is not too heavy." Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, Fan Jiatun dry farm farmers professional cooperation director Wang Cheng told reporters, but the cooperatives through the SAGP (Agricultural Sustainable Development Management System project) certification , And COFCO signed orders to enjoy the sale of grain "green channel", escaped a lot of farmers encountered "selling grain", the loss to a minimum. "More than 5,000 tons of grain, sold out half a month." Wang said.


In recent years, Jilin Province based on processing advantages, to expand the transformation capacity of corn in situ. Local diversification to guide farmers and large grain growers, cooperatives to adapt to the situation of corn purchasing and storage reform, and actively implement the national corn deep processing and feed processing enterprises compensation policy, to play the province's deep processing capacity advantage, to expand the number of local transformation, and the province's corn deep processing Enterprises and feed enterprises to give the appropriate subsidies.


"We are selling tide food, 6 cents a pound." Wang Cheng said that although compared with previous years, but in the last year, this is a good price. Therefore, this year he continued to work with the processing enterprises signed a mu of cooperation agreement, not only 6,000 acres of cooperatives have landed, but also to help the surrounding farmers to find a place to corn.


Coincidentally, Gongzhuling Wanxin farmers professional cooperatives this year with the processing enterprises signed an agreement to come up with part of the land for processing starch, lamb and other products of functional corn. "Processing enterprises committed to this year's new grain purchase price per ton higher than the market price of 400 yuan." Wan Xin farmers professional cooperatives, said Xue Yaohui.


It is understood that since November 2016 the implementation of the national corn deep processing enterprises compensation policy to the end of March this year, Jilin Province, corn processing enterprises accumulated processing of corn 106 billion jin, profits and taxes 1.94 billion yuan, an increase of 2.06 billion yuan over the previous year. In the first half, Jilin Province, corn processing and processing of grain reached 139.7 billion jin, an increase of 23%.